Bill Roberts Digital Art


from AU$65 Conditions Apply.



A strong colourful woman who loves to play the super hero and fights for justice in a male dominated world. 

A 3D toon character who can be used in your next project, and can be posed anyway necessary and can even be animated along with lip sync for audio. To discover more about using characters contact me to discuss your requirements. 


Please note that you are NOT purchasing the character, characters are for hire only and you only retain ownership to any final produced results as pertaining to any request or arrangement. 

These characters can be modified to meet your needs such as clothing, hair and accessories plus the use of props. To discuss the possibilities of using pre-designed characters contact me for a chat.  

Custom Characters

I can create custom characters that meet your requirements and you would retain ownership of the character files – this is great if you want something individual to you only. 

Bill Roberts Digital Art
Bill Roberts Digital Art
Bill Roberts Digital Art