Bill Roberts


This section is my fun section, definately for me and hopefully for you. There really isn’t anything that cant be animated, from a logo for your website or a static image or a 2D and 3D created character (visit my virtual world), so if you have a project that requires some simple animation, conatct me today and discover how affordable and fun it can be.

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” With over 15 million users on Facebook, now’s the time to make your social media posts stand out from the crowd!”


Static Image Animation

Imagine bringing your child’s artwork to life or a company mascot being animated or your pet, basically anything can be brought to life. To find out more and how affordable it is contact me today…

2D Character & Scene Animation

Just like the old cartoons I can create a variety of scenes using a large collection of characters for all sorts of reasons, fun, product intro’s, company intro’s & education and so much more…

3D Character & Scene Creation & Animation

Here we can let the imagination go wild, whether its humans, animals, creatures, fantasy and much more. The only limitation – Imagination! Contact me today to chat about your next great project.





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