Salina is my latest DAZ3D creation and she able to be posed in anyway needed to suit requirements. So if you think Salina would suit your next marketing campaign, contact me today to find out how. 

3D characters are great asset as they can be position in anyway necessary even interact with products and can be used in locations needed. Best of all they are far more cost effective compared to conventional models.  Though not replacing human models they can be used when human models are not available or affordable.

In some cases with 3D created characters they can also be animated including the ability to talk. This makes them great for website intro’s and training video’s or product endorsement. 

If you have an idea for marketing campaign that would suit the use of a 3D model or even a client brief that is budget restricted, contact me today to discuss the possibilities that using a 3D character can offer. 



DAZ3D Salina