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Bill Roberts Digital Art


The continuing story of my career, so far…

Firstly, hi! Thanks for visiting my site. It is indeed an absolute pleasure to have you here and I hope you enjoy some of the posts here if not all of them. Okay, let’s get on with what this page is all about and I know your busting to learn who the hell is Bill Roberts?

Well, it started a long time ago…. Nah! Let’s not go that far back, I don’t want to send you to sleep this early. Basically, I am a single entity not a multi-national franchise, just a one man show based in Burpengary North Brisbane in Queensland, in the best country on the planet earth, yep, Australia!

I have a long history with computers well over 20 + years but hey! Whose counting! For many years I have been involved in all facets of the industry from administration, technical, engineering, teaching, management and more, I ran a very successful tech business on the Gold Coast for many years known as Help Me Computer Services. In the last 5 -6 years I have spent some considerable time enjoying my passion for the creative side of technology and becoming familiar with some pretty awesome software.

No longer in business I still have a strong passion for CGI, graphics and animation & video, including photography. This site has now become my online portfolio to allow me to share my artwork and creations with those who are interested in following my creativity. 

If you have any queries or I might be able to assist you somehow be sure to drop me an email or contact me via Facebook and I will be only too happy to help. I am also very much open to any ideas for artwork you may have so be sure to share your idea’s. 

Enjoy your time here

Bill Roberts

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